Our Year of Prairie Primer Has Come to an End :-(

We just completed our Prairie Primer Curriculum for the year and to celebrate we attended the Prairie Days Annual Festival in Independence, Kansas. This was our 4th year to go and we had so much fun, as usual. The girls made pottery and a beaded craft, participated in a Spelling Bee, shopped in the gift store, checked out the one-room log cabin that Laura lived in, watched  Native American dancers and petted some animals in the petting barn. The following are pictures from years past and also includes pics from when we saw the musical in 2010...






We have so enjoyed doing the Prairie Primer curriculum this past year and highly recommend it to anyone considering it as part of their homeschooling! We've made some wonderful memories together reading the books and doing the suggested activities. As for our curriculum choice next year, we'll be doing "Portraits of American Girlhood" which is based on the American Girl books. Looks like another blog may be in my near future :-)


  1. Prairie Primer is by far my favorite unit study of all time. I have used in 4 times and will be using it again this coming school year. I always look forward to it and learn more with each use. This is a very nice blog you have put together. I am sure that when the time comes you will be considering Margie's "Where the Brooke and River Meet" study! It was fabulous as well. We have also done her Narnia study. Although, that was well put together as well it just doesn't hold a match to the PP!

  2. Dear Christy,
    We love the Prairie Primer and we love your blog that has been such a helpful resource in our studies this year. We only have two chapters left in The First Four Years and we're reluctant to finish it and bring our Prairie Primer adventure to a close. It has been a year of making memories together that we will never forget. Because of your blog we have decided to jump right in to the Portraits of American Girlhood and continue our history adventure with you and your girls! Thank you so very much for putting this blog together and doing all of the ground work for us, it has truly been a blessing. We are also hoping you will do Anne of Green Gables soon. If you do, we'll be right behind you following in your footsteps.
    Grammy Sandee and Layla Grace (3rd grade)