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We're so glad you stopped by! If you are using the Prairie Primer Curriculum with your homeschooling, we hope you will find this blog to be a helpful resource for you.

Listed below, you will find videos and links that go along with all the activities in the Prairie Primer. If you come across a video or link that is inappropriate or no longer working, please leave me a comment so I can update this page. The contents are as follows:


  1. I can't believe how wonderful this blog is! I did the Prairie Primer with my older children many years ago and had trouble even finding a picture of a brindle bulldog! I am using the Primer again with my youngest two boys, (yes, the primer is for boys too!) and you have just made my busy life so much easier! I now know we will have an exceptional school year! Kudo's to you and your girls!

  2. I apologize but I just now saw your comment, Lori! So glad you found my blog & are able to use it! Hope you're having a great school year!