Prairie Primer/Little House in the Big Woods - Week 3

We read this week in Little House in the Big Woods that Ma made homemade cheese so we watched a video on how to make cheese...

We also read that Pa harvested honey from bees so we learned about harvesting honey...

Here's a few more topics we studied about this week...

The Moon

The Moon @ Enchanted Learning
Data Record - Moon Observation
Moon Crossword Puzzle
Shape Book - If I Lived On The Moon

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets at Enchanted Learning
How To Treat a Yellow Jacket Sting
Yellow Jackets at Wikipedia

Ma weaved straw hats for her family so we watched a video of women from Ecuador that have perfected this craft...

How To Make Your Own Straw Hat
Cowboy Straw Hats
Cousin Ed's Straw Hat


Eat More Oats
Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Quaker Oats (Recipes and More)
Health Benefits of Oats

And last but not least, we learned how to make Johnny cakes, similar to what Ma used to make...

Video on
Pioneer Cooking at Easy Fun School
History of Johnny Cakes

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